What does TubaDad do?

First and foremost, I’m a dad. I have three kids that I’ve been staying home with since 2009. I try to run a tight ship, taking care of the family’s needs and schedules.
I’m a musician. I am currently working on two albums. The first is a spoken word album with a musical soundtrack. The other is collaboration with singer/songwriter/guitarist Rus Powell.
I am a member of the Vereins-Musikanten German Band, the Ohio Military Band, and the Cincinnati Civic Orchestra.
I am also president of a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps independent musicians record, produce, and publish their music.

What kind of a character is TubaDad?

I model myself after some of the great dads of our popular culture: Fred Flintstone, Homer Simpson, and Grandpa Jones. Also, TubaDad is easier to remember than Michael R. Cavitt.

What Instrument do you play?

Tuba is what I do best. Bass guitar is my secondary instrument. I also sing, play piano, guitar, and do whatever I can do in pursuit of whatever recording I am working on at a given time.

Where can I hear your music?

In 2009, I recorded an album called Thanks for Listening with tenor guitarist Kentucky Graham. It can be found under the name Tubanjo on pretty much any streaming service or music download resource.
Also easily found are my contributions to a couple of local albums. I played tuba on John Ford’s, The John Ford Blues Society. The track is called “Don’t Shoot Me Mama.” More recently, I lent support to Bookends on their album, Season’s End. That track is called “The Path You Set.”
I also appear live throughout the year with the Vereins-Musikanten, the Ohio Military Band, and the Cincinnati Civic Orchestra. I even crash the occasional open mic night.
Harder to find are my pre-internet recordings such as solo album called Erster Eindruck and a couple of soundtracks I recorded for art films.

Is music your profession or your hobby?

Music for me in an affliction. If I don’t make music, I feel miserable and have trouble functioning. The more music I make, the better I function. So, I have to do it.
I get paid to play some of the time and I sell some recordings.
I volunteer with community ensembles.