What does TubaDad do?

I’m a dad. I have three busy school kids that I’ve been staying home with since 2009.
I am a member of the Vereins-Musikanten German Band, the Ohio Military Band, and the Cincinnati Civic Orchestra.
I am also president of a 501(c)3 non-profit called KentuckyJam.org that helps independent musicians record, produce, and publish their music.

What kind of a character is TubaDad?

I model myself after some of the great dads of our popular culture: Robert Crawley, Fred Flintstone, and Grandpa Jones.

What are you, a tuba player or something?

I am something of a tuba player. I also play the bass guitar and sometimes other instruments when I’m writing and recording music.

Where can I hear TubaDad play?

A 2009 recording I made with tenor guitarist Kentucky Graham can be found under the name Tubanjo on pretty much any streaming service or music download resource.
Also easily found are my contributions to John Ford’s, The John Ford Blues Society (Don’t Shoot Me Mama) and to the Bookends’ album, Season’s End (The Path You Set).
Harder to find are my pre-internet recordings such as my 1990 solo album called Erster Eindruck and a couple of soundtracks I recorded for art school films.
I can be found year round playing tuba with various ensembles at various venues around Cincinnati.