Two months after establishing weekly publishing deadlines for my TubaDad channel on YouTube, I am still finding my way. A lot of my content to date could be construed as teaching. However, I would describe my approach more like informal sharing. My content is not based on any teaching methods or techniques.
As for my educational background, I have a BA with Honors (I say it that way because I can) in German Studies from the University of Cincinnati. In addition to my degree in language, I have college music credit from College-Conservatory of Music at UC as well from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance and the Eastern Kentucky University School of Music. After graduation, I did an additional year of graduate study in German Language and Literature with coursework in second language acquisition.
During my coursework at UC, I taught three sections of Beginning German and co-taught a course in Holocaust Literature.
I do have some experience teaching marching band and private lessons for tuba, euphonium/baritone, trombone, and bass guitar.


I have published a TubaDad video on YouTube every Friday for five weeks now. I have seven followers and a video with as many as 21 views, so I’m feeling pretty big time.
Really, I’m just learning the ropes. I can see several places where I want to improve. It’s my hope that my videos will gain polish as I continue.
If you have a subject you would like TubaDad to cover, you can send it through the TubaDad Channel page on Facebook Messenger.
Thanks for listening!

It’s for the Kids

Like a lot of people, I have been helping my kids with remote learning in 2020. My twin primary school kids were learning about instrument families in music class during the spring. I made a video to provide a supplement to their work. After getting positive feedback, I made another video and have now decided to publish a new one every Friday.

Here’s my second video: