I have always been interested in recorded music. As a boy, I sat in front of the speakers of my family’s console record player to listen to LPs and the radio. Then it was 45 singles in my room. Then cassettes (my brother’s Walkman). By the time I got a dual cassette player, I had learned to play a few instruments. I used the dual deck to make my own track over track recordings. I wrote and recorded a few songs that way in high school. Then I moved on to a 4 track cassette recorder. Next was in a studio with a big reel-to-reel and a nice board. Then an upgraded studio space with ADAT. Since that time, it’s all been computers.

I am working right now on an album that I would like to take to the studio in 2021 as the pandemic fades (knock on wood). I am able to do some of the recording at home as long as it’s direct or MIDI – I don’t have great microphones or a good sounding room. My plan is to release an album’s worth of material but two songs at a time, like 45 singles only released digitally for streaming and download. Once all the songs are released, I will press some physical copies.

After I finish in the studio next year, I will turn my attention to my duties at KentuckyJam.org, where I act as executive producer. So far, I’ve helped produce two albums. One for guitarist/singer/songwriter Rus Powell. The other for singer/songwriter/married-couple Bookends. We’re a volunteer group and everyone is pretty much shut down right now. However, the search is open for the next artist to support. You can find out more about that at www.kentuckyjam.org.